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  1. size zero

    • n.
      a very small size of women's clothing, especially a US size equivalent to a UK size 4.
    • noun: size zero, plural noun: size zeros

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    • 紙片人之英文說法

      紙片人之英文說法是 " size zero model(s) " "size zero" 原意是指美國"零號女性服裝尺寸"...病態式的減重, 以符合舞台上服裝表演所需, 這就是為什麼這樣的模特兒被稱為 size zero models 不過, 結果是導致身體營養不良, 甚至死亡, 所以, 時尚界擬抵制...

    • 英文用語double zero

      ...: 00, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14,16,18 ...... there are many different sizes..... double zero is for thin and small girls. P.S. Most of...

    • 錄音檔中一句話,請幫我打下來!謝謝

      There’s now an emphasis in the fashion press on what’s called “size zero”—a hyper thin-ness that people in malnourished parts of the world might find bizarre.