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  1. skinny

    • IPA[ˈskɪni]


    • adj.
      (of a person or part of their body) unattractively thin;(of a garment) tight-fitting
    • n.
      a skinny person.;a pair of skinny jeans or trousers
    • noun: skinny, plural noun: skinnies

    • 釋義
    • adj.
    • 1. (of a person or part of their body) unattractively thin:

      his skinny arms

    • 2. (of a garment) tight-fitting:

      a skinny jumper

    • 3. (of a pair of jeans or trousers) tight-fitting and with very narrow legs:

      in the winter I live in skinny jeans and boots

      I love jeans—either bootcut or skinny

    • 4. (of coffee) made with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk:

      one skinny latte to go, please

    • n.
    • 1. a skinny person.
    • 2. a pair of skinny jeans or trousers:

      if you're tired of squeezing into your skinnies, bell-bottoms and flares are back in fashion

    • 3. confidential information on a particular person or topic:

      net managers who want the skinny on the latest in computer security

  2. 知識+

    • 請問 slim(合身)跟skinny(窄) 有什麼不ㄧ樣

      如果單講身材方面的話 slim 意思是苗條 skinny 是瘦 從中文來講 苗條和瘦很接近 但總是有細微的...雖帶貶意 但也是可以拿來稱讚 其實像我們在國外 skinny 這個字常常混著用 看到一個細如竹竿的人 會稱之skinny...

    • thin ,skinny ,slim有什麼不同啊??

      ...瘦的 (a general word,意思是not fat,having a little fat on the body) 2. skinny (adj.)骨瘦如柴的,皮包骨的瘦 3. slim (adj.)苗條的瘦,瘦得很漂亮 (= slender...

    • Gone skinny dipping 是麼意思>?

      skinny-dipping 裸泳 skinny 皮的 dipping 浸泡