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    ski wear
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    • [總稱]滑雪裝
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    • 有誰可以幫我翻一下中翻英呢?謝謝

      ...must be a great athlete! 小○, 小後 and 小一, you look pretty cool in the picture while wearing skiing accouterment! I do like it! 小○, you must have a lot of fun, aren't you...

    • 簡單的英翻中~~ 一般對話 !

      ...末遲到過。 He twisted his ankle and couldn't go on the ski trip. 他扭傷了腳踝而無法去滑雪。 My shoes are warm out...

    • 有10題英文句子?

      ... need to wear a tie to work often? B: Yes, she must often wear a tie to work. 2. A: Will you go skiing next time? B: No, I will never go skiing again . 3. ...