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  1. slacker

    • IPA[ˈslakə]


    • n.
      a person who avoids work or effort;a person who evades military service.
    • noun: slacker, plural noun: slackers

    • 釋義


    • 1. informal a person who avoids work or effort the slackers who let the side down by their want of team spirit
    • informal a person who evades military service.
    • informal a young person (especially in the 1990s) of a subculture characterized by apathy and aimlessness they are portrayed as dreamy, disenfranchised slackers slacker culture
  2. 知識+

    • slacking off的翻譯??

      slacking off = 混水摸魚 (很常用的一個生活phrase) Example1: Andy: How... final study go? Anas: Not much. I have been slacking off all day. Example 2: Boss: Jack, you need to get the financial...

    • slack 的用法?

      take up the slack= pick up the slackto improve the way money or people are used in an organization...的)效率 By google dictionary: 2011-07-21 02:05:11 補充...

    • 請問: 這裡 slack 的中文是?

      slack water (停止漲退的)平潮(期);靜流