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  1. slap in the face


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    • 1. 一記耳光;侮辱 The minister's decision was a slap in the face to those who had tried to change his mind. 部長的決定對於那些曾試圖要他改變主意的人不啻是一記耳光。
  2. 知識+

    • in the face / on the face 有何不同 my face. 這是對我的侮辱 這是在我面前的侮辱 What a slap in the face! See http://dictionary...

    • 被打槍的英文怎麼說

      如果指的是“被羞辱”或“被拒絕”的意思﹐可以用 - got a slap in the face. 請參考﹕ a slap...

    • 翻譯依下 這句是甚麼意思

      it's pretty much like getting slapped in the face over and over. 那很像臉上一再被刮耳光. getting slapped 就是被打, over and over 一再.