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  1. slaving

    • slave的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
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    • 急件!!!拜託幫我找出片語意思(可以的話造個句)

      Slave over: slave: 奴役、苦幹 slave over: 為某件事苦幹得像奴隸一般 例句︰ Everyday, the mother of ten slaves over hot stove to feed her dear children. Why do you slave ...

    • 有關Emancipation Proclamation問題

      1. slave trade refers to the deal between the two parties of the trade in which...aboard on ships travelling to destinations where they become slaves is to do with the lack of food they receive and the insufficient nutrients...

    • 找尋一篇有關卡奴的報導→英文版的

      Taiwan's `card slaves' hope legislators will save them "I earned ... `card slave' Approximately 400,000 Taiwanese "card slaves" are still hoping that the legislature will solve their debt...