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  1. sleep camel


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    • 有2個問題想問The Kiwi跟The Camel

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    • 英文題目,求英文高手教教我!!

      ... a few years ago, and we (do)_did_ a camel tred into the desert. A. Wow! What (be)_was_ that like? B. Wonderful. We (sleep)_slept_ under the stars.I (never see)_never...

    • 這些廣告詞的意思 是?

      ...10.I’d walk a mile for a Camel.–camel 我要走一哩路買包 駱駝牌 香煙 11.M’m...世上 可能 最好 的啤酒 13.The Citi never sleeps.-Citibank 城市( 花旗 )從未 睡覺 --- 花旗銀行...