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  1. sleeping tablet


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    • 請問文法大大高手關於recommend問題

      ...something -- I would never recommend using a sunbed on a regular basis. -- Sleeping tablets are not recommended in this case. -- It is dangerous to...

    • 英文報導英翻中!贈20點!急!!!

      廣播界名人不幸逝世 Irene Bartlet (艾琳.巴特蕾) 今日早晨被人發現死於 Kingswell (京士威)的公寓家中,死因研判是因為過量服用安服藥。 就在不到一個月前,她才被指控在百貨公司中行竊 7.65 美元的商品,並因此而遭罰鍰 100 美元,但法官給予她緩刑兩周...

    • 文法不好~希望高手能幫忙看一下

      ... to go to bed, I took a tablet. I remember just a few minutes later... to feel tired and wanted to sleep. I don't believe anything. (我猜不到這句話想...