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  1. sleeving

    • sleeve的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
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    • have an ace up your sleeve故事典故

      Ace up your sleeve   Meaning:A surprise or secret advantage, especially something tricky that ... hid objects, even small live animals, up their sleeves and then pulled them out unexpectedly to surprise their ...

    • 請問nylon sleeves是什麼?

      nylon 是尼龍, 而 sleeves 是"袖子"或者"唱片的套子"或者"類似包裝的套子", 要看前後文, 了解被包裝的是什麼, 不知道的話只能翻譯為"尼龍袖套".

    • Billy joe honetsy裡面的歌詞問題

      ...第一句是俚語,用法為wear one's heart on one's sleeve。請先看英英字典註解(。第二種語義(b)則延申到...