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  1. slide

    • IPA[slaɪd]



    • vi.
      滑行; 流逝;打滑
    • vt.
    • n.
      滑梯; 滑道; 滑行面;滑行
    • 過去式:slid 過去分詞:slid 現在分詞:sliding

    • 名詞複數:slides

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 滑行; 流逝 to slide down sth. 順著…滑下 to slide down the bank into the water 從岸上滑入水中
    • 2. 打滑 to slide off 滑落 to slide off sth. 從…上滑下來
    • 3. to slide away/out 悄悄溜走/溜出去 to slide out of/into the room 悄悄溜出/溜進房間
    • 4. 降低; 貶值 to slide (downwards) 下跌 to slide to a new low 降到新低


    • 1. 使滑行 to slide sth. out of/into/across/over sth. 把某物從某物中抽出來/滑入某物中/滑過某物/滑到某物上方 to slide a sword out of its scabbard 拔劍出鞘
    • 2. 悄悄移動 to slide sth. into/under sth. 把某物悄悄放進某物/塞到某物下


    • 1. 滑梯; 滑道; 滑行面 an escape slide 逃生滑梯 to go down a slide (into sth.) 順著滑道滑(入某物)
    • 2. 滑行 to have a slide on sth. 在某物上滑行 to go into a slide 打起滑來
    • 3. 幻燈片 colour slides 彩色幻燈片 to be on slide(s) 映現在幻燈片裡
    • 4. 載玻片
    • 5. 下降; 日益衰退 a slide in sth. …的下跌 a slide into sth. 陷入…狀況
    • 6. hair-slide
    • 7. 滑音
    • 8. 滑管
    • 9. 滑塊


    1. a decline in value or quality

    2. a mounted transparency, especially one placed in a projector for viewing on a screen


    「1. a decline in value or quality」的反義字