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  1. sliding seat

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    • 一篇英文文章(英翻中)

      ... in this mini-van seat, wanted to slide the seat back. 一位朋友,正坐在這個袖珍客貨車的位子裡...位子下降時,over.You 猜測它﹗ The seat fell over. 位子倒下。 Pulling the...

    • 英文翻譯...Physical theraoists mus

      ... must guard againts patients sliding off the front of the treatment table as the patient's... to assist patients in being seated fully against the back of a weelchair. 這些移動也要使用...

    • 一些體育的名詞翻譯!!(很急)不要用翻譯軟體喔!!

      ...time ride a qiu qian seat, as a artificial limit. 2. each's seat load as 30 kilogramme under is limit. 3.... 4. swing qiu qian shi, swing radian not should big. Slide Use rule and pay attention to item One. ...