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    • 問一個英文單字--- 急

      ...water. 船在水面滑行。 2. 滑跤,失足 She slipped on the ice. 她在冰上滑倒了。 3. 滑落,滑掉;鬆脫... down his address and telephone number on a slip of paper. 我的朋友把他的地址和電話號碼寫在一...

    • 英文句子看不懂,求解析~

      1.Many people walking by slipped on the wet floor. = Many people, who walked by, slipped on the wet...

    • 詢問簡單時態的問題?bite的用法

      ... a terrible day today! First, I slipped on a cake of soap, and then got bit by dog. 請問... was bit (pp.) by one of the dogs on the leg. I got bit (pp.) by a dog and...