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  1. smack

    • IPA[smæk]



    • n.
      猛拍; 猛擊; 打耳光;撞擊聲; 拍擊聲; 掌摑聲
    • vt.
      猛拍; 摑; 猛擊;咂
    • vi.
    • adv.
      猛然; 猛烈地;恰好
    • 過去式:smacked 過去分詞:smacked 現在分詞:smacking

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 猛拍; 猛擊; 打耳光 if you don't behave, you'll get a smack 如果你不規矩些,你就要捱揍
    • 2. 撞擊聲; 拍擊聲; 掌摑聲 the books fell to the floor with a smack 那些書啪的一聲掉到了地板上  the smack of waves against the harbour wall 海浪拍打港口護堤的啪啪聲
    • 3. 響吻 the boy's aunt gave him a big smack on the cheek 男孩的姨媽在他臉上親了一個響吻
    • 4. 味道
    • 5. 暗示; 痕跡
    • 6. 海洛因


    • 1. 猛拍; 摑; 猛擊 she is always smacking her children 她老是打孩子 she smacked him in the face 她扇了他一耳光
    • 2.
    • 3. 啪地一放; 衝撞 he smacked his hand down flat on the table 他用手拍了一下桌子 he smacked his car into a lamp post 他開車猛地撞在了燈柱上


    • 1. 暗示 to smack of sth. 有某事物的味道 this drink smacks of gin 這種飲料有杜松子酒味


    • 1. 猛然; 猛烈地 he ran smack into his boss 他和上司撞了個滿懷 the car went smack into the lamp post 汽車猛地撞在了燈柱上
    • 2. 恰好 smack in front of ... 在…的正前方 he lives smack in the middle of town 他住在市中心


    1. a flavour or taste of

    2. a trace or suggestion of