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  1. small intestine


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    • Digestion and Human Nutrition

      ... it does eat, microvilli in its small intestine lengthen fourfold and its stomach pH ...blood cake) 皮蛋(thousand-year-old egg) 大腸包小腸(small sausage in big sausage) 非水溶性纖維: 蘿蔔乾(...

    • 幫我把英文翻譯成中文~

      ... are found in the stomach,but they may also occur in the esophagus,small intestine,colon and rectum.(應該是這樣吧) leiomyomas這個字您確定沒打錯吧?因為...

    • 請問小吃的英文要怎麼說?

      小吃 snack stinky tofu(臭豆腐) oyster-filled omelets(蚵仔煎) steamed meat-filled buns(刈包) shrimp cookies(蝦餅) Pork feet(豬腳) tann-ah noodle(擔仔麵) small intestine in large intestine(大腸包小腸)