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  1. smallpox

    • IPA[ˈsmɔːlpɒks]



    • n.
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    • 請高手救救我啊... 保養品 中翻英

      1. Including the patent anti-smallpox ingredient and many kinds of natural plant extract essence, can recuperate the purification...

    • 英文高手請進 !!!翻譯有二十點喔 :)

      ... that cowpox not only protected against smallpox, but could be passed from one human being to another...1796, Jenner variolated Phipps with pus from a smallpox patient.Jenner and other scientists and ...

    • (急)幫我翻一句英文

      ...如果強調可抗痘~再加anti-acne, 這裡痘痘是指普通皮膚的問題~ 請不要用anti-smallpox很嚇人的~ smallpox是天花~一種嚴重傳染病~ 2009-05-21 18:45:08 補充: ...