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  1. smart gun


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    • lower my gun 誰可以把這首歌翻譯成中文?

      ...然後你侵我鼻息纏上我的舌 yeah, you were the one to lower my gun是呀~~ 是你讓我槍口朝下 you were the one to lower my gun是...

    • was跟is的疑問?

      ...即使那條狗還沒有掛。 This dog was ugly, but smart. 特別是第三人(事)不在你面前,可能是昨天看到那隻..., I saw a man ran off after the gun shot. Can you describe the man? I didn't see...

    • 麻煩各位高手幫我訂正我的菜英文!!

      ... so much. She is a sexy, beautiful and smart lady. Whether or not she is in the movie, she...kind of movies, we not only see the exciting gun battle or funny dialogue but also learned a lot...