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  1. smashes

    • smash的名詞複數
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    • 何時使用in何時用into

      ...unto (up to) ... With the above said, your sentence: He smashed the vase in the door. Here, using "in" is NOT...

    • 一些英文句子的疑問

      1. smash 是「砸爛」,smash up 是 「完全」 砸爛。 up 當副詞可以加在一些動詞後面...lock up 完全鎖起來、鎖牢 dry 弄乾 --> dry up 完全乾涸 所以這裡在 smash 後面加了 up 用白話說就是 「砸了個稀爛」。 2. There were no...

    • "碎"糊糊的動詞差異

      ... you help me to mash those cooked sweet potatoes? Smash: It is usually used to break something with powerful force to make...