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  1. smoke out

    • ph.
      使從藏匿的地方出來; 將...燻出;使某處充滿煙霧
    • 釋義


    • 1. 使從藏匿的地方出來; 將...燻出 It took the police only a few weeks to smoke out the real criminal. 警察只用了幾星期就偵查出真正的罪犯了。 smoke out snakes from a hole 把蛇從洞中燻出
    • 2. 使某處充滿煙霧 Turn off that pan -- you're smoking the place out! 快把坐著鍋的爐子關上--你把這兒弄得都是煙!
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    • 火警受信總機英文翻中文

      ...冒煙。 冒霧氣,冒水汽 抽煙;【俚】抽大麻煙 My father has cut out smoking. 我父親已戒煙了。 (如煙似地)瀰漫,升騰 vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb) 抽...

    • 這六個英文單字的意思

      ...我祖父過去吸煙斗。 燻製;燻趕;燻染 The boys decided to smoke out the snakes from the hole. 男孩們決定用煙把蛇燻出洞。

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