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  1. smooth sailing

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    • 1. 進行順利 Everything about him seems to be smooth sailing this year, so he is very grateful to God Almighty. 他今年的一切都進行順利,因此他非常感謝上蒼。
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    • 幫我翻譯一下英文吉祥話~20點唷~急用>< = 健康2.happiness = 快樂3.long life = 長壽4.prosperity = 興隆 5.smooth sailing = 一帆風順6.luck = 幸運7.success = 成功8.a lucky and prosperous family life = 幸運豐盛...

    • 請各位幫我翻成英文~感恩!!

      ... a lecturer role at local University? Life might not be smooth sailing all the time, but you know you will always have my blessing. All...

    • 這幾個單字英文是什麼?

      1.思緒 : train of thought 2.紀律嚴明: tight ship 3.把人逼瘋(急) : drive sb up the wall 4.一帆風順 : smooth sailing 你提的單字問題還蠻有趣的, 我想如果沒有要用到應該就不會去學, 以上是通訊上課時和老師討論的,請參考囉!^^