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  1. smoothing

    • smooth的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
  2. 知識+

    • smooth 之詞性

      形容詞 This is a special case because it comes after "go". go (BE) Show phonetics verb [L only + adjective] going, went, gone to be or stay in a particular, especially unpleasant, condition: In spite of the relief effort, thousands of...

    • teeth teethe/ smooth smoothe

      ...長牙齒 bath [bᴂƟ] n. 澡 bathe [bᴂð] v. 給某人洗澡 但是 smooth 這個字,本身可以當動詞,也可以用 smoothen 來表示「磨平」,「磨光滑...

    • Smooth Jazz

      smooth jazz 這不好翻~ 臺灣目前可能也沒正式名稱~ 我翻 溫柔爵士 ^^