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  1. smoulder

    • IPA[ˈsməʊldə]


    • v.
      burn slowly with smoke but no flame;show or feel barely suppressed anger, hatred, or another powerful emotion
    • n.
      smoke coming from a smouldering fire
    • verb: smoulder, 3rd person present: smoulders, gerund or present participle: smouldering, past tense: smouldered, past participle: smouldered

    • noun: smoulder, plural noun: smoulders

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    • 1. smoke coming from a smouldering fire the last acrid smoulder of his cigarette
    • v.
      burn slowly with smoke but no flame: the bonfire still smoldered, the smoke drifting over the paddock
    • n.
      smoke coming from a fire that is burning slowly without a flame: the last acrid smolder of his cigarette

    Oxford American Dictionary

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