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  1. snap

    • IPA[snæp]



    • n.
      啪的一聲; 發出啪的一聲;猛咬
    • vi.
      啪的一聲斷裂;情緒失控; 崩潰
    • vt.
      使啪的一聲斷裂;使啪地一動; 使迅速移動
    • adj.
      倉促的; 緊急的
    • excl
    • 過去式:snapped 過去分詞:snapped 現在分詞:snapping

    • 名詞複數:snaps

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 啪的一聲; 發出啪的一聲 with a snap 啪的一聲 the snap of a twig 小樹枝的喀嚓聲
    • 2. 猛咬 to make a snap at sth. 對準某物猛咬 with a sudden snap (of one's jaws) 猛地一口
    • 3. 快照 a snap of sb./sth. 某人/某物的快照 to take a snap 拍快照
    • 4. 薄脆小餅
    • 5. 對兒牌 to have or play a game of snap 玩一局對兒牌
    • 6. 容易的事 it is a snap doing sth. or to do sth. 做某事很容易 this job's a snap! 這活兒不過是小菜一碟!
    • 7. 勁頭 to have plenty of snap 勁頭十足 put a bit of snap in it! 拿出點勁頭來!
    • 8. press stud


    • 1. 啪的一聲斷裂 to snap (off sth.) (從某物上)啪地折斷 to snap in two 啪的一聲斷為兩截
    • 2. 情緒失控; 崩潰 my temper/patience snapped 我忍不住發火了/失去了耐性 something just snapped in me 我內心一下子翻騰起來
    • 3. 啪地一動; 迅速移動 to snap open/shut 啪的一聲打開/關上 his eyes snapped open 他猛地睜開了眼睛
    • 4. 厲聲說話
    • 5. 迅速行動 snap to it! 加把勁! snap out of it! 振作起來!


    • 1. 使啪的一聲斷裂 to snap sth. off sth. 使某物從…上喀嚓一聲折斷 to snap sth. in two 啪的一聲把某物折成兩截
    • 2. 使啪地一動; 使迅速移動 to snap sth. open/shut 迅速打開/關上某物 to snap sth. on sth./into place 把…咔嗒一聲與某物連接/放到位
    • 3. 厲聲說 to snap a reply 厲聲作答 ‘no!’ she snapped (at him) “不!”她厲聲(對他)說
    • 4. 給…拍快照 to snap the incident 拍下這一事件


    • 1. 倉促的; 緊急的


    • 1. 真巧 snap! you've got the same shoes as me! 巧了!你和我穿的鞋是一樣的!


    1. break suddenly and completely, typically with a sharp cracking sound

    2. emit a sudden, sharp cracking sound

    3. suddenly lose one's self-control

    4. (of an animal) make a sudden audible bite

    5. say something quickly and irritably

    6. take a snapshot of

    7. a sudden, sharp cracking sound or movement

    8. vigour or liveliness of style or action; zest

    9. a snapshot

    10. a sudden brief spell of cold or otherwise distinctive weather


    「1. break suddenly and completely, typically with a sharp cracking sound」的反義字

    「2. vigour or liveliness of style or action; zest」的反義字

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