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  1. snap bean


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    • 中文有三個字的蔬果英文

      Snap bean 四季豆 String bean 四季豆 green bean 四季豆 kiwi 奇異果(獼猴桃) kiwifruit...獼猴桃) gherkin 小黃瓜 carrot 胡蘿蔔、紅蘿蔔 cucumber 大黃瓜 juice peach 水蜜桃 mung bean sprout 綠豆芽 pear 西洋梨 salted vegetable 雪裡紅 soybean sprout 黃豆芽 watercress...

    • 問幾個簡單英文~;Garlic Bread 青椒-->Green Pepper 青豆-->Snap Bean 薯條-->French Fries 烤雞翅-->Roast Chicken...

    • 急!!翻譯成英文 不要用翻譯機!! 英文高手請進

      ... room floor. Tom cat will slip when he runs over those beans. He later bumps into the wall and even get snapped up by mousetrap. Since he makes a mess in the house, he...