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  1. sneak thief


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    • 英文教學法中名詞子句的問題

      ...且通常談一個fact時,主要強調其為〔真〕.不該因時而異的. The thief sneaked into the house ______ to steal something valuable. 空格處宜填 trying,因為後面...

    • 翻譯英文作文>

      .... When the policeman saw the thief, he rushed to him and tried to arrest... with another girl in the classroom. Peter sneaked up and put a fake bug on Jessica’s chair. ...

    • 英文大師請進~~ 求詳解(請幫我看對不對?)

      ...走運的一天 Alright, I am a thief and I admit it. I admit that I have...on me long time ago. Last week ,when I sneaked into a jewelry store because I had{E...