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    sniff out

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    • sniff 和 smell 的差別?

      ...是用smell - "The dogs smell each other." 所以,這個跟"sniff"就不太一樣了。 以"Sniff"來說,比較偏向於調查之類的...

    • 請幫我翻譯~(英文翻中文)

      ... items are hidden so you'll need to sniff them out. 某些項目是被隱藏得所以你需要去發掘他們 and hold the hniff button...

    • ”台風穩健”英文翻譯!!

      .... The beagle, though small, accomplishes big as it can sniff out drugs. 以不變應萬變 To respond to changes with no action...