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  1. snot-nosed

    • adj.
      childish and inexperienced;considering oneself superior; conceited
    • 釋義


    • 1. childish and inexperienced what would I be doing with a snot-nosed kid like him?
    • 2. considering oneself superior; conceited a snot-nosed snob
  2. 知識+

    • (耳屎)(鼻屎)(眼屎)的英文怎麼說的咧?

      耳屎  earwax;discharge from the ears眼屎  gum ; eye droppings鼻屎  snot ; nose droppings ; boogers鼻屎拼錯~改一下~ snot ....我用snot是因為之前...

    • 請問 ”鼻屎” 的英文怎麼拼?

      鼻屎 = booger [美語] = bogey [英語] = dry mucus [乾凅的黏液]鼻涕 = nasal discharge = snot 2006-03-15 22:15:13 補充: 資料來源

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      Are you sure it is not the allergic reaction caused by seasonal pollen? To improve immune system, your doctor should have recommended you to maintain body activity and healthy diet, I suppose. I would try the vegetarian diet with organic food as much as possible. This...