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  1. snow fence


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    • Poem: Scarctities by Al Purdy

      ... at whiteness enought for fields of level snow -- and there were no fences. Today in April snow is scarce, but i found some in nearby woods, a rare inch or...

    • 能否幫我翻譯"英文"2

      ... helped his father in a particular repair the fence, he wanted to experience a different feeling, he... to speak to him, they went outside in the snow to speak, Billy does not know what it ...

    • 歌曲歌詞翻譯解釋

      ...不覺得寒冷嗎? The sky won't snow and the sun won't shine天空不飄雪,太陽...你為何還不清醒一點 Come down from your fences open the gate走下你的城牆,打開大門 It may...