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  1. snow under

    • ph.
      被雪埋住; 工作多忙不過來
    • 釋義


    • 1. 被雪埋住; 工作多忙不過來 The little bushes were snowed under and could not be seen. 這片灌木林被雪埋住了看不見了。 Don't give me any extra jobs: I'm snowed under already. 不要再給我任何額外的工作, 我的工作已經多得忙不過來了。
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    • 請翻譯以下英文句子 is a cold fish. 這個老人是個冷血動物。 2.My dad is snowed under with work. 我爸爸工作十分忙碌。 3. My teacher ia on cloud nine today. 我...

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      ...that she was standing in the (middle) of a (wood) at night-time with (snow) under her (feet) and (snowflakes) (falling) (through) the air...

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      ...補充: 上方的可惡翻譯機 2009-01-22 22:26:34 補充: 1 My dad is snowed under with work.(英翻中) 我爸爸在下雪的時候工作 2 My teacher is on cloud...