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  1. so

    • IPA[səʊ]



    • adv.
    • conj.
    • conj
    • adv
    • adv
    • adv
    • prep
    • 釋義


    • 1. 如此 don't talk so fast! 別說得那麼快! there's no need to worry so 沒必要這麼著急
    • 2. 非常 I'm so glad you're here 你來這兒我非常高興 he sat there ever so quietly 他靜悄悄地坐在那兒
    • 3. 這麼 she's about so tall 她差不多有這麼高 stand with your arms out, so 兩臂伸開站著,這樣
    • 4. 是這樣 he said so 他這樣說過的 if so 要是那樣
    • 5. 如此 so saying ... 如此說… they asked me to call them, and I did so 他們要我給他們打電話,於是我就打了
    • 6. he's French, and so is she 他是法國人,她也是 if they accept, so do I 如果他們答應,我也答應
    • 7. 的確如此 there’s another one — so there is 還有一個──可不是嘛 I thought you liked it? — so I do 我以為你是喜歡它的?──當然囉
    • 8. 像這樣 so it was that he finally returned home 就這樣,他終於回到了家 the contract is so worded that ownership is unclear 合同這樣措詞使得所有權不明確
    • 9. 所以 he's young, and so impulsive 他年輕,所以容易衝動 she was tired and so went to bed 她累了,於是上床睡覺去了
    • 10. 大約 or so 左右 there were twenty or so people there 那兒有20人左右
    • 11. 的確 that's so not fair 那確實不公平 you are so going to regret this 你肯定會為此後悔的
    • 12. 偏就是 he didn't hit you — he did so! 他沒有打你──他就是打了的!


    • 1. 為了 but I gave you a map so you wouldn’t get lost! 但我怕你迷路,給過你一張地圖!
    • 2. 就這樣 so after shouting and screaming for an hour, she walked out in tears 就這樣,大喊大叫了1個小時後,她淚流滿面走了出來
    • 3. 因此 it's Sunday, so the shops are shut 今天是星期天,所以商店都不開門 so there! 就是這樣!
    • 4. 那又怎樣 so I had a couple of drinks on the way home: what’s wrong with that? 不錯,我在回家的路上是喝了兩杯:這有甚麼不對嗎? you’ve been smoking again — so? 你又抽煙了──那又怎樣?
    • 5. 那麼 so, what have you been doing today? 那你今天都幹甚麼了? so you're going, are you? 這麼說,你要走了,是嗎?
    • 6. 同樣 (just) as ... so ... (正)像…一樣,…也 as prices go up, so sales decline 物價在上漲,銷售額則在下降
    • 7. 然後 and so to the final 然後進入決賽


    • 1. 以便 she wrote the instructions so that they'd be easily understood 她寫了用法說明以使其易於理解 she fixed the party for 8 so that he could come 她把聚會時間定在8點為的是他能來
    • 2. 為了 he tiptoed out, so as not to disturb people 為了不驚動別人,他踮著腳走了出去
    • 3. ▶long


    • 1. 這麼多 the hostel can only take so many 這家招待所只能接待這麼多人 there are only so many hours in a day 一天就只有這麼多個小時


    • 1. 這麼多 I can only pay so much 我只能付這麼多 his family's got so much money 他家這麼有錢
    • 2. 到這種程度 you've made things so much worse 你把事情弄得更糟了 she hates him so much she can't even stand to be in the same room as him 她對他恨之入骨,以至於無法忍受和他待在同一間屋子裡


    • 1. 甚至 he never so much as apologized 他甚至沒有道個歉 she left without so much as a goodbye or without so much as saying goodbye 她都沒道個別就離開了


    • 1. 關於…到此為止 so much for the situation in Germany; now we turn our attention to France 德國的形勢就講到這裡,現在我們來看看法國
    • 2. 作罷好了 so much for that idea! 別提那個主意了! so much for saying you'd help! 得了,別再說你願意幫忙了!