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    • 原來,如此,這樣,因此,所以,以便;那樣
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    • so的用法??

      Try to arrange these things 『so』the main focus is the subject. so這裡當連接詞用..表「那麼」或「因而...1. 像那樣;如此 Just as the lion is the king of beasts, so the eagle is the king of birds. 正如獅子是百獸之王那樣,鷹也就是...

    • so,so that,because

      你好~ 今次讓我幫你解答~ soso that 都指「因此」、「以致」等等的意思。至於它們的分別我想引用以下...),以為它們的用法完全一樣。事實上,在某些情況下,so that的意思和用法的確和so沒有分別。 在非正式的情況下,so that可以和so 一樣...

    • so as to , so that 片語的詞性

      請問一下 I come to school in order to/so as to learn more knowledge. that I can...副詞子句嗎? “in order to learn more knowledge”, “so as to learn more knowledge”, and “so that I can learn...