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  1. soaking solution


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    • 【20點】急!中翻英,能幫我順一下文法嗎?(食品化學領域)

      ...g)); Raw soy milk made by saturated soybeans soaked in solutions at 5°C and ground at 5°C had the lowest total...

    • 有關一小段實驗步驟的英翻中翻譯

      ...the sample in a test tube,add 5 ml of water. Place a filter paper,previously soaked in the solution of copper acetate and benzidine acetate,in the open mouth of the test tube,warm on the...

    • 求英文達人~

      它並且被觀察, 浸泡在抗壞血酸解答在冰凍乾燥前沒有增加出產量violaxanthin 。但是, 增量0.05 lg/g (18.5%) 被發現了為治療E, 表明, 浸泡在1% NaHSO3 在冰凍乾燥之前為violaxanthin 提供了一個更好的防護作用比浸泡在抗壞血酸裡。另外, 冰凍乾燥沒有浸泡導致更高的出產量violaxanthin...