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    • 肥皂,阿諛以肥皂洗,阿諛
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    • glycerin soap 是什麼意思

      glycerin soap 就是江湖人稱的『甘油皂』或『甘油香皂』。甘油對於皮膚有滋潤作用,洗了...步驟: 圖片參考: Some glycerin soap base can be melted in the microwave. Read package labels carefully...

    • 請問 「on檔戲」的英文怎麼說?

      soap opera 肥皂劇(以家庭問題為題材的廣播或電視連續劇)。 ex. "Ugly Betty" was a popular soap opera in UK. 2010-04-17 21:35:59 補充: you could say : 夜市人生 is an on-going soap opera on TV.

    • 英文高手.對話

      ...upcoming exam.(我為了即將來臨的考試去圖書館唸書) 4. What do you think of soap operas?(你覺得肥皂劇(連續劇)如何?) --They are awful. ...