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  1. sober down

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    • 1. (使某人)冷靜而嚴肅認真(尤指有馬大哈之類舉動之後) Please sober down a bit; I've got some important news for you. 請嚴肅點, 我有重要消息要告訴你們。
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    • 急需迪克生片語30~31的內容

      Lesson 30 slow down/up放慢速度 drp up漏掉/晒乾/枯竭 dry out/sober up漏失/使變乾/戒掉酒癮 be up to(something)正在做~ beat around the bush拐彎抹角 come...

    • 中文翻英文短篇文章(急~)

      ...childhood the dream the dream, at that time is chased down and killed the dream to me by the human, I..., I will be unable to determine whether I do sober now in the real world. Perhaps originally does...

    • 將進酒~中翻英...=.=

      ...up, cheer up! I invite you to wine. Do not put down your cup! I will sing you a song, please hear... are better known than sober sages. The Prince of Poets...