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  1. Social Security number


    • n.
      (in the US) a number in the format 000-00-0000, unique for each individual, used to track Social Security benefits and for other identification purposes.
    • noun: Social Security number, plural noun: Social Security numbers

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    • social security number"是什麼?

      ...開戶幾乎到處都會用到,有些學校也會拿此號碼作為學生證號碼(student identification number),其重要性如同我們的身分證字號。外國學生到當地後可至相關機構辦理。

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      ... fought twice in California after altering his Social Security number.Tyrone had filled out the form, listing his...

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      ... What do identity thieves need to create a “new you”? 1. social security number 2. birthdate 3. computer Are there any low-tech ways for people to protect...