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  1. social work


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    • 什麼是 social work

      social work 是指廣義的社會福利工作, 包含政府與民間機構所從事的一切活動. social service...一個類別, 具有服務與支援性的功能..其他類別如社會救助,社會安全等等.皆包含於social work 當中. 2006-09-17 21:28:17 補充: 對不起,應該加兩個字讓語意更完整,正確如下...

    • 救命阿~有英文好~又是社工的人嗎~~~~20點

      I am xxx..., my majorment is social work, and I would like to introduce my profession of... are many frameworks for social work professions to help people such as working...

    • 英文文章翻譯 (急20點)

      This room sole responsibility medical service social work,Long ago provided the service,Looks after the mid and low...medical service social work to recover the shape in the hospital role to be important,The work connotation assisted the case economy subsidy passively by the past,Transfers...