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    • hard benefits &soft benefits?

      Hard benefits 是指直接利益, Soft benefits 是指間接利益 2006-05-14 23:55:50 補充: 若要詳細補充, 請再告知. 一般用於評估投資(技術,新產品,..)案件.

    • 請問這段話是什麼意思呢??(英文)

      ...臉部修復保養產品(Correct Vitamin Serum) 效果會更佳 Benefits: leaves skin feeling smooth and soft. Contains anti-oxidants to protect your skin from the ...

    • 英翻中 (有關戰爭方面) 英文翻譯

      ... become poor. To thrive in calamity and perish in soft living; life springs from sorrow and calamity, death comes from ease and pleasure. Some benefit comes from the wars. Due to the ...