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    • 1. 汽水 The word Coke is the name of a soft drink made by the Coca Cola company. “Coke”這個字是可口可樂公司製造出來的一種汽水名稱。
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    • Soft Drink的定義是?

      Soft drink 是不含酒精的飲料 所以汽水都是 有hard drink = hard liquor = strong drink 有酒精成份的飲料 2005-02-21 08:25:38 補充: 要先查過確定才能說沒這個字 有hard drink

    • 請幫我回答下列五個英文問題?

      ...團體,如 inner circle, social circle, circle of trust, etc.) 5. What are soft drinks? (應該是 "What are soft drinks?" or "What...

    • 有請中翻英高手幫忙一下=﹞

      soft drinks and cola food type 1, containing phosphoric acid, carbonic acid, the body will be...lot of calcium 2, sugar content is too high, a sense of fullness after drinking which will affect dinner 6 facilitate food type (mainly refers to instant ...