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  1. soft touch

    • ph.
      容易說服的人; 容易襲擊的對手;容易做成的事
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    容易說服的人; 容易襲擊的對手

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    • 請問英文...

      ...4. touch 當名詞是不可數, 所以不需要冠詞,.. 摸一次 a touch??? 不需要..就是 soft touch. I like your soft touch. 5. The pillow is as soft as cotton...

    • 中翻英一句話。識貨的人~ 給20點

      ...mature rocks are capable of communicating with them via soft touch, warmth, and true understanding 希望有幫到您

    • 請幫忙我修改英文心得(小精靈與鞋匠)

      ...magnanimous, moderate, munificent, noble, open-handed, philanthropic, prodigal, profuse, reasonable, soft-touch, thoughtful, tolerant, ungrudging, unselfish, unsparing, unstinting, willing 感想是有一點...