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  1. soft-nosed

    • adj.
      (of a bullet) expanding on impact.
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    • 請大家幫我翻譯一下這篇文章,內容大意盡量清楚點

      ...boy hugged the rabbit close and gave him a kiss on his soft,velvety nose. 男孩親密地抱著兔子而且給它一個溫柔的親吻在它柔軟天鵝絨的鼻子上 ...

    • 英文影片 中文字幕+翻譯

      ... 1: With your thumb and index finger, firmly pinch the entire soft part of your nose just above the nostril. Step 2. Sit or stand, and lean your head...

    • 英文動詞的文法問題

      ...句子外,在此再舉一例來加深大家對這種用法的印象:I must go buy some soft drinks for my wife. (我必須去幫我太太買一些清涼飲料)。在英式...