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  1. software

    • IPA[ˈsɒftweə(r)]



    • n.
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    • 關於social software

      Social software社會性軟體 社會性軟體,或作社群性軟體,是指任何支持群體交流...constitution 怎麼利用這個使用在businesses上面?什麼是social software在business environment的問題~? 其實使用上述網路軟體、與平台,加上自己...

    • chinese software

      If you're using public computers, then I guess you're out of luck, unless you have the permission to install programs on the computers. Without installing a whole Chinese operating system, you can still install what they call...

    • Software Makes Us Stupid 〞這句話

      ...依靠媒體提供外界的消息﹐變得麻痹而且乏味。I think now the very power of software applications is distancing us as a technical and scientific...