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    solar energy

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    • 請幫忙把這些中文翻成英文(20點)(勿使用翻譯軟體,不通順)

      ...利用太陽能的方法主要有:The method to utilize solar energy is mainly as follows, 1. 使用太陽能...傳輸地面電能接收站,訊號接收站。 4. The solar energy is changed in the space the electric energy...

    • 這一題英文文法

      Homes_heated by solar energy has special collectors on the roofs to trap sunlight 譯: 籍...集電極; 集電器 敝人用我才疏學淺的理解方式幫您了解一下:*這句的真正主詞是 solar energy ,所以動詞是 has 。 Homes_heated<---住宅...

    • 求英文高手幫忙一下翻譯成英文!<緊急>

      For human use of solar energy, there are already thousands of years, as early as two hundred...purpose. In the nineteenth century, has been using solar energy to heat water into steam as the driving force of the steam engine. In 1949...