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  1. solid angle


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    • 有哪位英文高手幫幫忙~~這篇文章用軟體翻都不順

      ... composites consist of layers of at least two different solid materials bonded together so the fiber orientation runs at different angles. ==>Laminar composites 是由兩種以上不同方向的纖維層所組成...

    • 請英文,化學高手幫幫忙

      工作在我們的實驗室那裡內專心于使用先驅tetraalkoxysilane 和organotrialkoxysilanes 從哪個Q 和中心矽類型T ( 圖,看見1),分別,可能被引入溶膠凝膠得到siloxane 基體。 Si固態的技術, 直接的polarisation,魔術角紡,核磁共振分光學...

    • 自傳中文翻英文...急需...[贈20點]

      ...simultaneously also lets me learn, may stand in the different angle ponders the matter, such training will let ...the logical ponder gain. Although, at present my solid service experience are not many, but I have the determination...