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    • 解決,解決方法;溶解,溶液
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    • resolution&solution?

      resolution除了銀幕畫素之外 最常用的意思是決心﹐還有新年新希望就叫 New York resolution solution是問題的解答 還有溶液的意思

    • solution 除”解決方案”,還有其他譯名?

      customer solutions: 專為客戶提供的"解決方案"(產品及服務),這樣說很合理阿...

    • need solution

      1. If You divid the rectangle at middle point of each side, you will get 4 rectangle and each has area of 2. Then divide one of the 4 smaller rectangle, you will get the triangle described by the question, and its area is equal to 1. 2. The volume of the water before...