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    • 一些,有些;某一個 一些,幾個大約,約摸
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    • Some of the words.

      some (--thing, --body, -one)NB:-The Possessive... - 's ;eg:-The boy's book. Some has the following uses:- (1)... no food&little water. "a little"=positive=some;eg:-He has "a little" money and...

    • Some和other搭配的問題

      Some of the girls are hard-working, but the others aren'...是,為何第一句要用the others ,而第二句卻要用others? "Some of the girls are hard-working" 跟 "Some ...

    • some questions

      ...wristband changs its color after exposing to the sun light for some horus. 2. 81 %t 3. U can got to tanning salon to get...