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  1. some day


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    • 1. 總有一天 We will meet again some day. 後會有期。
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    • someday 跟 some day

      ... someday I'll be rich. 說不一定有朝一日我會發財。 some day:總有一天 We will meet again some day. 後會有期。 2008-02-03 10:49:42...

    • some day 跟 one day的用法

      some day是指未來有一天 Some day I will definitely go to Disneyland. 我有一天一定會去迪士尼 one day是指過去某一天 One day, I found out that my girlfriend...

    • someday 和 some day 和oneday的異同?

      someday = some day 見p.1484 Collins Cobuild English Dictionary for... 2007 edition.後者註明British English 通常寫作some day 屬副詞用法 We must get together again some day. We hope to go to the...