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  1. some little

    • a considerable amount of
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    • a considerable amount of

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    • 急~!!請幫我翻譯成中文謝謝!!要翻好ㄧ點喔

      Some little man is inside your head, pounding on your brain with a...

    • a little和 a few的差別

      ...few, few, very few 的差別: a little 是用於修飾不可數名詞,但強調「不算少」(some) little 是用於修飾不可數名詞,但強調「滿少的,不算多的」(not much) very little...

    • Some of the words.

      ... shipwrecked sailors had no food&little water. "a little"=positive=some;eg:-He has "a little" money and can live quite comfortably on it...