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  1. some other day


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    • one day or ano...和some other..

      one day or another 和some other day的用法 我需要他們的用法和中文 還有要用在過去式 還是未來式 one...time, I have to be more pay attention . for doing anything on some other day

    • 問英文文法是否需加上on

      .... on the day we arrive ?(我們到達的那天你就要去英國了嗎?) (二) 而some other day, another day, any other day.....只用在不確定的未來譬如說 : (1)Tom is...

    • 簡單的英文會話請幫我 中翻英 3-1

      ...for your regards. Can we meet some other day? I’ve been busy lately. Please...’s go jogging in the morning some other day, shall we? That will be great. Are you...