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    • But I don't want nothing at ?

      ...不想什麼都沒有"或"我不要什麼都沒有" 就是"我要有..." Some people want it all 有些人想擁有全部 But I don't want nothing at all 但是我不希望...

    • 英文 我寫了一段話 請大家幫我看看有沒有文法錯誤20點

      ...的博物館。 Everyone has their own selfish motives. Some people want to keep it all on their own, another want to reap without sowing. But they all...

    • 誰說的話請艮我講

      ...甘地(MohandasK. Gandhi) 9.All men are created equal. 人...則因為要說些話。─柏拉圖(Plato) 14.Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others...