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  1. somebody's number is up

    • ph.
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    • 急~中翻英

      ...quality and service. He is before selling, will pick up the impurity in the rice clean...will also write down guest's number of people of the house conscientiously...will deliver the rice to one's home. In addition... pay out wages, somebody gets the firewood in...

    • 急求下列對話翻譯<中翻英> 20點!!!!

      ...:Ok let's make sure. So xxx, and the phone number is 234567? A:Correct...need? A:Fill up 95 thank you. D:...are lost, can you call somebody for help? A:OK...

    • 唐妮布蕾斯頓Unbreak My Heart中文意思

      別傷我的心 唐妮布蕾斯頓      別把我留在痛苦中 別把我留在大雨中 回來吧!拾回我的歡顏 帶走這些淚水 此刻,我需要你的擁抱 黑夜如此殘酷 帶我回到我將你擁在懷中的夜裡 別傷我的心 說你會重新愛我 不再造成這傷痛 當你走出門外 走出我的生命 別再哭泣 我已...