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    • 英文句子裡else的問題~20點

      but brothers and sisters are lucky because they have somebody else in their family to play with. 但是兄弟姊妹也很幸運,因為他們在家庭中...

    • english teacher幫我翻譯

      ...句子,並不是兩句 Years go by will I still be waiting for somebody else to understand years go by(一年一年過去,意指『時光流逝』) will...

    • 英文else和other的用法?

      ...中文都有「其他,另外」的意思 可是 else是副詞,只能接名詞後面。 ex: anything else, somebody else Ask somebody else to help you. 請別人幫你吧 other是形容詞,接名詞...